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Water Treatment Calcium Carbonate

Water Treatment Calcium Carbonate

Calcium carbonate is also used in water treatment to reduce acidity and to increase alkalinity of naturally acid waters. Drinking water hardness must be above 8.4 odH. Calcium carbonate has a positive effect on lead water pipes, because it forms a protective lead carbonate coating. This prevents lead from dissolving in drinking water, and thereby prevents it from entering the human body.

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CaCO3 >96
Fe203 0.1% Max
Free Silica  >0.02%
MgO 1 to 1.5% Max
Alkali  (Water Soluble) 0.001
Physical Analysis
Color  Super Snow White 
Specific Gravity  2.65
Oil Absortion 32 to 35 gms/cc
PH   (10% Soluble) 9 to 9.5
Bulk Density  0.52 (Loose)
0.85 (50 Tap)
Whiteness on gloss reflect meter Compared with mgcO3 as 100% standard 97%

Particle size

D (0.1) 0.84 Micron 
D (0.5 ) 3.88 Micron 
D (0.9 ) 11.20 Micron 
D (0.97 ) 15.90 Micron 

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