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Olivine Sand

Olivine Sand

Olivine Sand, as a foundry and refractory aggregate, olivine is noted for its high fusion point, low uniform thermal expansion, and its remarkable ability to resist fracture from thermal shock. Olivine has been famous for years in producing excellent non-ferrous castings, monolithic and basic Refractories and a key raw material for Manganese Steel Castings. Today, more foundry men are realizing that olivine works equally well in Cast Iron and Stainless Steel.


Applications :

  • Refractory Sand, manufacture manganese steel castings,  and to form alloys.
  • Refractory industry uses Olivine Sand for forming bricks and shapes, as it has high melting point, moderate thermal expansion and stable crystalline structure.
  • Temperature-loadable molding sand and facing sand in foundry.
  • Replacement of Garnet Sand for Shot Blasting.
  • As EBT Tape hole filler in Steel Plants for Electric Arc Furnace.


Sizes Available : 0-1 mm, 1-3 mm, 2-5 mm, 1-4 mm, 3-6 mm, 2-6 mm, AFS 45-55, AFS 30-40

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Chemical Composition Physical Properties
MgO – 48-49 %( Min) Color Greenish Grey
SiO2 – 40.0 %( Min) Grain Shape Angular/Sub angular
CaO  -  1.20  %(Max) Melting  Point(˚C) 1.75
Al₂0₃- 1.10 %( Max) Bulk Density, loose(g/cm³) 1.8-2.0
Fe₂0₃-8-10% (Max) Specific Gravity (g/cm³)            3.2-3.4
LOI    - 1.56 Fusion Point (˚C) 2800-3200
  Thermal Expansion (in./in.)  
The pH level is Slightly Basic Thermal Conductivity @1000˚C 0.0025
  Mohs Hardness@20˚C 7.0(Scale 7-8000)

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