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H.K. Sonara & Co.

Industrial Project Consulting Service

Industrial Project Consulting Service

We, 'H. K. Sonara & Co.', introduce ourselves as, Industrial Consulting Company; provide single Point services for new project/setup and liaison Services with various Regulatory Authorities.

Our services are consist, Co-ordination Designing, Engineering, Electrification with PMS  for Projects and Industrial Liaisoning  for search & Survey of locations , Land Procurement with Obtaining, Lease Licenses, Sanctions, Clearances, Approvals, Permissions, Permitting and Pending for the Industries from Government and Non Government Body /Authorities and as per the client’s requirement for project setup.

We provide sources to India and Experience to establishment and management of new project.We contribute to the development of strategic approaches for maintaining strong and impactful relationships with senior government and public policy officials, local trade associations and allied organizations



•    Obtaining Pre-Post Entire Regulatory Permits / Clearances / Lease License and Approvals for Industrial setup
and Liaisoning with various Government and Non Government Body authorities and Corporate Affairs.

•    Coordinating all agencies and put it under One Umbrella for Industrial setup includes Architectural Designing
 Engineering, Erections, Electrifications, PMS, Logistics to meet client’s requirements.

•    Processing for various State Government and Central Incentives and Tax benefits from various authorizes.

•    Contribute to the development of Strategic approaches for maintaining Strong and impactful relationship with Senior Government and Public Policy Officials, Local Trade Associations and allied organizations.

•    Vendor Selections with Supporting for the supply and sourcing for products and equipment for Industries includes Capital Goods, RM and allied products.

•  Provides services for search, survey and locations and land banking for industrial setup based on process and products as per client’s requirements and Support for land procurement from Local Sources, GIDC and Government. 

Provides single window systems for Industrial setup 

Our Services for Obtaining Regulatory Permits/Approvals:

1. Environmental Clearance under rule 1986

  2. Environment Impact Assessment (EIA)

  3. Risk Assessment

  4. Consent to Establishment (GPCB)

  5. Consent to Operate (CCA) "

  6. Building Construction Plan Approvals - Factory Inspectorate

  7. Factory Licenses from DISH

  8. Building and Other Construction Workers (BOC)

  9. Building Construction Plan Approvals from GIDC

10. Building Construction Plan AUDA

11. Building Utilization Certification (B.U.Permission)

12. SSI/IEM Registration-Approvals

13. Boiler approvals, License

14. Approvals - Captive Power Plant

15. Approvals -Temporary & Permanent Power Connection

16. D.G. Sets approvals/permissions

17. Electricity Duty Exemption approvals/processing

18. Water connection from Local /Industrial Authorities/CGWA and Water harvesting.

19. Approvals & License from Foods and Drug Department

20. Explosive Storage approvals & License

21. License under Poison Act

22. Contract labor License/registration

23. Central Excise Registration( ECC)

24. License from Prohibition-Central Excise Department

25. Quota - Prohibited Goods

26. Export- Import Code Registration

27. Employees Provident Fund Registration

28. ESI- Registration

29. VAT & CST Registration

30. Professional Tax Registration/Code

31. Shops & Establishment Registration

32. Weight & Measurement Registration

33. Clearance/NOC for laying Pipeline


34. Land N.A/ NOC

35. FSSAI- Licensing

36. Licenses, permissions, clearances and approvals require other than above for Industries (applicable).

We do search, Survey for the locations based on process and products also. The listing has provided based on experience and applications and investment cost. We are in position to meet client’s requirements assumptions, it may varies to products, quality, quantity, locations, other than our services in above applicable permits-listing also.