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Drilling Grade Bentonite

Drilling Grade Bentonite

200 bbl Yield Bentonite is a superior quality Bentonite. It is 200 mesh powders. It is specially processed with chemicals to achieve require properties.

  • 200 bbl/ton yield.
  • Swells up to 16- 20 times to its size when it becomes wet.
  • Expands greatly and expanded Bentonite forms an impermeable gel seal which makes an excellent pond sealing.
  • Environmentally safe and does not affect the water and live stock or wild life when it use properly.
  • It does not harm fish.
  • Supporting suspension for cut of diaphragm wall construction and shield tunneling. 
  • Fast and easy mixing.
  • Control loss of drilling fluid.
  • Reduces solids and increase lifting power.
  • Cools drill bit and reduce filtration by forming a thin filter cake with low permeability.


Application :

  • Mixing ratio is based on the fresh water purity. Water quality will affect Bentonite performance.
  • Mixing ratio lbs/ 100 gallon of water 


Packing :

25 Kg HDPE/ Paper Bag, 50 Kg HDPE and 1000- 1250 Kg with liner.

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Grade: Section API -9 ( as per ISO 13500 or API 13A )

Parameter Unit Specification
Viscosity@600rpm Cps 30  Min
Filter Loss ml 15 ml Max
Residue greater than 200 mesh % 4 Max

Grade: Section API – 11 (OCMA) (As per ISO or ISO 13A)

Parameter Unit Specification
Viscosity@rpm Cps 30 min
Filter Loss ml 16 ml Max
Residue <75 micron or 200 mesh % 2.5 Max

Grade: OCMA DFCP – 4

Parameter Unit Specification
Yield Bbls 90 Min
Filterate Loss ml 15 Max
Moisture %Wt 15 Max
Wet Screen Analysis 200  Mesh Residue %Wt 2.5 Max
Dry Screen Analysis 100 Mesh Sieve %Wt 98 Min

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